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Job Seeking?

For IT applicants seeking work we provide an impartial and free job seeking service covering vacancy search, skills and technical matching, interview preparation and advice at offer stage. If you are a skilled IT Professional at any level we will work with you to find the job you really want.

The service is free, it's very thorough, it's very candid, and there is no hidden agenda - we just want to find you the right job both in the short and long term, allowing you to fulfil your career aspirations and us to retain a satisfied client base. There is a vetting aspect to the process but the overall emphasis is that of collaboration and affinity between consultant and candidate.

The service begins with an informal conversation, during which we will explore what you are looking for and why you want it. We can then give advice on how well placed we are to help you, and if it is of relevance speak about specific vacancies and undertake advisory and vetting processes in relation to available positions.

In all cases of CV submission we will supply you the name and location of our client and request your written approval to release your details. We will then aim to keep you fully posted on progress and provide feedback. From your side you should always feel free to ask us for updates - we are always keen and on hand to inform and assist as much as possible.

Upon request of interview we will provide information specific to your circumstances, the company and the position at hand that will allow you to prepare fully and effectively for the interview stage. If appropriate we will also carry out a short mock interview. You should feel free to ask for any help or assistance you require and be open about any concerns.

In return for our services we just ask job seekers to respect our time and that of our clients' by considering our advice regarding the type of skills and CV needed to secure interview, undertaking preparatory tasks, and being honest about their reasons for seeking work.