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We're not just an ordinary, run of the mill Employment Agency, we're Business Analysts in effect. The fundamental and underlining feature of our role is gathering, analysing and understanding requirements within the context of your business. We are educated to ask the right questions to ascertain the right information in order to fill roles effectively. Hiring staff can be a very long winded, drawn out and frustrating process, particularly in IT, so we like to spend extra time and take extra care at the start of the process thereby saving far more time in the long run. In our opinion it is better to find everything out before interviews rather than after a number of unsuccessful interviews have taken place. More often than not clients are very surprised and refreshed at our ability to understand and talk about a requirement in relation to the nature of their business.




We do not take the “throw mud at a wall” or the more frequently used term "spray and pray" approach when submitting candidates. If, every time you recruit, you are having to tackle 25+ CVs to filter through then we can save you a lot of time. Here at Affinity, we would rather send no CVs than one unsuitable one, so when we do submit candidates to a role, a client can be absolutely certain that they are actually a good match for the position not simply the first people who responded to an ad. All these candidates will be thoroughly screened and vetted on a technical and personal level in relation to the specific vacancy.




The majority of agencies and competitors talk about being “technical specialists” in their field, but what does this actually mean? For our team, it means individual Consultants building relationships with applicants in a specific area of IT and maintaining these relationships over the long term. As an owner-managed company everything at Affinity is far more personalised and our staff turnover is extremely low so we really do actively nurture and maintain these relationships within our technical markets. For clients this means each of our Consultants is able to tap in to a large network of active and passive job seekers unavailable to competitors where a high volume stance and considerably higher staff turnover deters them from building such networks in the long term.




Treating clients fairly is our mission statement and doing business with us is very easy. We are happy to discuss and agree terms on the spot and will not subject you to some sort of two-week review of terms by our legal department. Our standard fee is based on starting salary and we offer a 100% fee rebate should someone leave or be dismissed within the first four weeks of their employment. Our payment terms are 30 days, you do not pay us a penny unless we place someone with you, and we generally issue and send our invoice about three days after a person commences employment. If you want to change any of this then we're very willing to listen and we'll give you an immediate answer as to whether we can help. All our Consultants are empowered to agree terms.




Honesty is always the best policy. If you work closely with us we will provide a completely unbiased advisory service be it unfavourable to our own short-term profit or not. Our focus always has been and will always remain on the retention of long-term business through a thorough service and truthful, fair, advice. We would neverconsciously sell a candidate we even suspected was unsuitable to a client. If you have roles you need to fill that are not really a specialism for us we will point you towards one of our competitors. In the unlikely event we cannot find you CVs we will advise you to broaden the net to other agencies; the emphasis always being for you to fill the position in the quickest and most appropriate way possible. 





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